8 Bit Hardware

The hardware is is sold as-is. This hardware is old, and anything can go wrong with them at any time. That being said, I clean and thoroughly test these to the best of my ability and available time. These are not ebay crappies. I make them the way I would want to buy them, which is near perfect. I would gladly keep any of these for my own personal collection, but I only need one!

ALL XL/XE SERIES (except 1200) come with GOOD Power supplies, usually the “Logo” Version. NO INGOTS – Click on ‘Resources‘ for a picture of power supplies.

1 – Amiga Power Stick – Smallest joystick made, great for kids – RARE – $25.00
2 – Atari Paddles – Pots Tuned up and tested good – $20.00 each
0 – Atari CX-22 trackball – 25.00 each
0 – 810 Archiver – Black Case – $100.00

3 – Atari 1050 Disk Drive with Happy Enhancement. These are tested stock, completely cleaned, then Happy is installed and tested with diagnostic software. – NO POWER SUPPY – $125.00. They may damage the Disk Drive in transit, plus, they are heavy and expensive to ship. Best Electronics, Video61 and B & C Computervisions – part # CO17945. I highly recommend a new P.S. with the happy anyway, and mine are all used.

2 – Indus GT Disk Drives – with upgraded OS ( faster, stronger, better ) – $100
2 – XEGS – NEW Motherboards – Restored Case & Keyboard + Painted RF Shield + New Power $149.00 each
0 – XEGS – Used / Cleaned Restored Case and Keyboard + Used Power & Cables – $85.00

5 – 400 48k – Restored – OEM 48k card – Dust Cover – Power Supply – $175.00
These are the last of the 48k Ram cards that Best Electronics had, so they are now officially, RARE. When I’m out, I’m out. – Paul

5 – 400/800 16k Ram Card – $10.00ea – Tested OK
2 – 800 ROM cards GTIA – $10.00 – Tested OK
2 – 800’s – Completely restored, 48k, Power supply, Custom A/V Cable, NO RF Cable (but you can put one in) – $150.00
6 – 1200xl’s – Keyboard fixed and cleaned, plastic restored, motherboard cleaned, video cleaned up, +5 volts to SIO port enabled, power supply and custom A/V monitor cable, NO RF Shield – $195.00

5 – 800xl’s – All socketed motherboards!, Power Supply, Custom A/V Monitor Cable, NO RF Shield – $150.00

0 – 800xl – With Ultimate 1mb upgrade!, power supply, custom ( monitor out ) A/V cable – $200 + shipping. PAL GTIA and Pal ANTIC can be installed so you can run ALL the best European demos, for an additional $20. Get an SIO to SD, switch to O.S. to either high speed or Qmeg, and this puppy loads stuff at trans-warp speed.

3 – 800xl’s – Wizztronics 256k RAM – Custom A/V Cable – Good Power Supply – $175.00

7 – 600xl’s – All Are Factory Socketed. I have cleaned the plastic and mobo, put in 64k ram internal, installed monitor port (with all resistors/transistors/caps). The stock RF out really sucks on these, so with the upgrade, video is comparable to the 800xl. These have the smallest footprint of all the 8 bit line, and are just as capable as the others (sans 130xe). Power supply, custom A/V cable, NO RF Shield – $125.00 (these were a lot of work) I have one with custom A/V Composite out (RCA Jacks on the Back, Not Monitor out)

1 – 65xe – NEW – Power supply, Custom A/V Cable, XE touch keyboard mod, in OEM 130xe box – $175.00

0 – 130xe – ALL NEW – Power supply, Custom A/V Cable, XE touch keyboard mod, Ram 320/576 module, Good OEM Box – $250.00

Placing an order:
Send me a BRIEF, concise email, and I will get back to you ASAP. I’m one guy, who has a Job, and a LIFE and I intend on keeping both. Getting a great product out to you is very important though. I reserve the right to say, “No Soup For You” If you spam me or just generally bug me to much. Keep it simple. Look at the list and order what you want. I will be fair on shipping but have to include my time. I take PAYPAL, so I can send you an Invoice.

Payments and Shipping:
Note: I take PayPal only. Carts are shipped USPS, hardware is shipped UPS only (They do a superior job).

In Some cases I will make special payment arrangements. I will send you a PayPal invoice. When you pay it, I will pack the item up well, and head to UPS. I will then take a photo of the UPS receipt (with tracking) with my I pad and Email it to you promptly, so you can impatiently track your goody every step of the way, like I do. It will be insured, but keep in mind the farther it goes, the chances of a disgruntled employee kicking it around like a soccer ball increase. ;)

Inventory and Prices subject to change without notice. All prices are in USD. Shipping to USA only. Please Contact me to confirm stock.

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