Word up and Welcome to Eightbitfix!

Paul at PRGE 2014I always thought the power of the Atari line of computers was untapped, and today it’s being pushed farther than expected by hardware and software developers. I’m glad to be a part of that :)

It all started back in 1983 when I purchased my first 800xl with my hard earned lawn mowing money. From then on, my endearing love for Atari Eight Bit has grown into a heartfelt need to put hardware and software in the hands of others, sometimes at my own expense and time.

I also restore and repair hardware, track down carts and other knick-knacks when time allows. Sharing knowledge and camaraderie with old and new Atarians is really fun, and meeting new people is always exciting. Check out my for sale page for Atari 8-bit goodness.


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Why Atari 8 Bit?

  • EIGHT fashionable styles to choose from, six designed in the EIGHTIES
  • Games have more depth, play and sound better than 2600 and 7800 games
  • Many Controller options, including Lightgun, Trackball and Joysticks that work (5200?!)
  • Homebrew Game scene is Alive, and more games are being developed all the time
  • Modern Storage Solutions Such As Atarimax’s Myide II And Flashcarts, Serial Input/Output to SD card (SIO2SD)

What I do And Why I Do It

In My spare time I adopt neglected hardware, and repair them so they can avoid being thrown into a unholy Alamogordo type burial site. After the repairs are done, many Q-tips gladly sacrifice themselves to clean EVERYTHING, from the tops of the keys right down to the motherboard. I also make my own mixture of plastic treatment to bring back the often yellowed cases to the original luster. I’m always on the hunt for rare cartridges, and I have even found some per special request on occasion. Why? Frankly because it’s just plain fun restoring these and placing them in the hands of old and new Atarians. After working hard at my day job, it’s a relaxing thing to do on a day off, and when they don’t work it’s like trying to solve a Scooby Doo Mystery “And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those pesky ram chips”.

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Thank you for visiting EightBitFix.com – my website for all things Atari 8-bit :)